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Me, Myself and I
My name is Fisher Alexander.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and was raised in Kenner, Louisiana which is right outside of New Orleans.  Growing up in a step-family with two older “step” brothers, one older “step” sister and one younger “blood” brother wasn’t always easy but now we’re as close as ever.  I think I’ve always wanted to be in radio since listening to various radio stations growing up.  I would record on my tape player some of my favorite songs and DJ’s so I could listen to them back.  I went to college in Monroe, Louisiana and graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film.  For one reason or another I lived there for over 10 years and worked at four different radio stations.  Then in April of 2006 I got a call from Gwen Rakestraw, the General Manager here in Jackson and they were looking for a Production Director.  That’s the guy who oversees all the commercials on our radio stations.  So in May we packed up our stuff, our 2 dogs and made the trek here.  A few months later US 96.3 Country needed an afternoon drive guy and I gladly stepped in.  Over the next several years I did mostly fill in work.  Then about three years ago Mark McCoy left radio and I became the Mid-Day guy.  You can hear me from 10am till 3pm Monday through Friday and on Saturday nights.  Being on-air is something I love doing and I’m glad I get the chance to do just that! 
I met my wife Donna when a mutual friend introduced us at Church back in 2004 and we’ve been together ever since.  We got married in 2008 in Natchez, Mississippi.  In 2012 we had our first child, a daughter named Rachel but I call her my little minnow.  Your life does truly change after having a child!  It’s so amazing watching her grow up.
Radio Rocks
The best part of my job has got to be the fact that I get to listen to some great music in an air conditioned studio.  A lot of guys my age are working outside in the elements and my hat goes off to each and every one of you who do.  As a radio station we work with some amazing organizations like The Salvation Army and Batson Children’s Hospital just to name a few.  My life has been forever changed because of my experiences with them.  Being that I’m also the Production Director, I really enjoy working with our clients.  The worst part about working here has got to be whoever leaves their meals in the station fridge for 3 months.  The mold get’s so bad that when you open the door, it actually speaks to you.  Burt popcorn is a close second. 
Our young daughter doesn’t leave me with much time for hobbies but playing with her is one my favorite things to do.  When I’m able to find the time I enjoy working out, playing with our dogs, watching movies, playing a video game or two and of course listening to music.  Some of my favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory, Defiance, Game of Thrones and Duck Dynasty.  When it comes to movies, I’m a bit of a sci-fi fanatic.  We’re talking everything from Star Trek to The Avengers and anything in-between.  My favorite sport is football.  The New Orleans Saints are my team (Who Dat BABY!!!)  Speaking of football, I love Fantasy Football!  I’m such a fan that I’m the commissioner of our Radio People Fantasy Football League.  I also enjoy a good baseball game from time to time.  Pizza is probably my favorite food with Mexican a close second. 
My first concert was Aerosmith when they were in New Orleans to support their “Pump” album.  I’ve seen so many concerts since then it’s hard to choose a favorite.  But the Eric Church show a few years back at the coliseum is up there. 
Pet Peeves
Unorganized people drive me BoNkErS!!!  I also hate it when someone makes a mistake and doesn’t take responsibility for it.  Don’t blame others for your boo-boo! 
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