Scott Steele
04/26/16 01:57 PM
Unreal. Check this out!

400 lb Grouper Caught With A...Wrench?

04/26/16 01:28 PM

What The Florida??

04/25/16 11:21 AM
Dude tries to run in an air bubble ON THE OCEAN to Bermuda. 

Epic Prank!

04/22/16 11:30 AM
Guy Calls In Sick To A Place Where He Doesn't Even Work.

Little Boy Says Batman Drew On Mom's Mirror

04/20/16 01:46 PM
04/20/16 12:52 PM
Kind of a try it before you buy it app.

Brett Eldredge Serenades Couple Married 67 Years!

04/18/16 04:53 PM

Kleenex Alert!

04/14/16 11:34 AM
Big Brother Takes His 10 Year Old Sister Dying Of Cancer To Winter Formal Dance

Is It December Yet?

04/07/16 11:53 AM

Would You Use This?

03/31/16 12:51 PM
Say you need to run a quick errand and can't take your dog in the store with you. Would you use a "Dog Parker?"
07/04/13 06:47 AM
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