Scott & Traci

Courtesy Flush Song

05/28/15 09:17 AM
If you've ever used the bathroom at work, please accept this heartfelt song as a public service announcement. Enjoy!

5 Year Old OWNS Luke Bryan In Trivia Contest

05/20/15 06:47 AM

New Luke Bryan!

05/20/15 05:38 AM
05/19/15 07:07 AM
Got kids home alone this summer? We hope you find this list as helpful as we did! Have a great summer!
05/15/15 08:45 AM
Featuring Scott & Traci from US 96.3 as guest DJ's!
10/23/14 08:36 AM
Feel free to share your recipe at the bottom of the page. Thanks for the great suggestions! Beef Stroganoff Ingredients: Ground beef, 1 medium sized pkg sour cream, 1 jar beef gravy, salt, pepper, 1 pkg wide egg noodles Prep time: 10 minutes Brown beef,
09/25/14 08:58 AM
A place where women feel welcome. Especially if you bring cake.
07/04/13 06:47 AM
Scott has been waking up central Mississippi for over 14 years.
06/19/14 08:26 AM
We hope you find this list of destinations helpful. Enjoy a local staycation!
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