Scott Steele
05/27/16 10:10 AM
Even if this is completely made up it's still really funny!

Who Knew! Dormant Butt Syndrome Is A Thing?

05/26/16 11:28 AM
05/23/16 08:26 AM
We hope you find this list of destinations within easy driving distance helpful. Enjoy a local staycation!
05/25/16 02:38 PM
Vicksburg National Military Park was selected as our state's greatest landmark according to Wide Open Country. Do you agree? Personally,  I think it should've been Mama Hamil's. Ha!

Little Boy Sings "You Should Be Here" After His Puppy Dies

05/24/16 02:45 PM
It's the line about cracking a cold beer that gets me though...
05/18/16 04:53 PM

Thomas Rhett Even Sings To His Dogs!

05/18/16 03:32 PM

Would You Use This?

03/31/16 12:51 PM
Say you need to run a quick errand and can't take your dog in the store with you. Would you use a "Dog Parker?"
07/04/13 06:47 AM
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