Scott & Traci

Blake Shelton...Rapper?

12/18/14 08:53 AM
12/18/14 06:07 AM
Mississippi lights shining bright! Easily seen from a NASA satellite image.
12/16/14 06:13 AM
Enjoy the Christmas lights courtesy of US 96.3 Country!
12/15/14 06:24 AM
Isabella meets another princess to help encourage her during her battle.

UPS Delivers 4 Year Old Boy's Wish

12/09/14 05:42 AM
12/08/14 05:29 AM
Opryland's charity auction runs through 12/31.
11/24/14 07:01 AM
As heard with Scott & Traci. Hope these help you shop this year!
10/23/14 08:36 AM
Feel free to share your recipe at the bottom of the page. Thanks for the great suggestions! Beef Stroganoff Ingredients: Ground beef, 1 medium sized pkg sour cream, 1 jar beef gravy, salt, pepper, 1 pkg wide egg noodles Prep time: 10 minutes Brown beef,
09/25/14 08:58 AM
A place where women feel welcome. Especially if you bring cake.
07/04/13 06:47 AM
Scott has been waking up central Mississippi for over 14 years.
05/19/14 05:40 AM
This Rankin County buffet sure is delicious but the sign left us scratching our heads a bit. Submit your sign HERE.
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