Scott & Traci

Woman Calls 911 To Report UFO

04/23/14 05:34 AM
A "Sun Halo" looked like a UFO to this lady. Yikes.

Dierks Bentley's Wife Runs Boston Marathon

04/22/14 05:29 AM
Family rallies around mom!

Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds!

04/22/14 05:42 AM
Technology expo in Israel features a 30 second phone charger! Shut up and TAKE OUR MONEY! Probably the biggest time waster of the day...charging our phones!

Luke Bryan's Son Hits The Piano

04/22/14 05:25 AM
With a MARKER. Yikes!

Danielle Bradberry's Truck!

04/22/14 05:50 AM
The 17 year old showed off her new ride on Instagram yesterday. WOW!

Jake Owen's New Ride

04/18/14 06:27 AM
Jake Owen posted this picture on Twitter yesterday. It's his new C7 Corvette. Sweet ride!

Doctors Instructions...Rap Style

04/18/14 06:09 AM
11/08/13 08:55 PM
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07/03/13 06:44 AM
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07/17/13 11:19 AM
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