Old Wobbly Wheel

It never fails. I always get the old wobbly wheel, squeaky, loud, hard to drive shopping cart. It happened yet again yesterday at Kroger. I’ve come to love old wobbly wheel. It occurred to me a couple years ago I could easily go back and get another one that doesn’t have old wobbly wheel but it’s so much more fun to drive the one with the busted wheel.

Everyone in the store has to look at the guy who got stuck with old wobbly. So I choose to smile as big as I can at everyone who looks my way driving old wobbly. I politely introduce them to old wobbly and try to quickly say, have a blessed day! Old wobbly reminds me that I have a choice to make about the way I look at things. I can take the easy way out, or I can face some stuff that isn’t as much fun with a smile and try to be a blessing to somebody else. I love old wobbly. (James 1:2-5, James 1:12)
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Topics : Shopping Carts
Location : Jackson
08/14/2013 7:17AM
Old Wobbly Wheel
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